Liberal Hypocrites Use Their Privilege To Get Dumb Kids Into College

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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Today’s show is all about hypocrisy and how the left is marinating in it.

Rich liberals are caught bribing people to get their kids into colleges they have no business attending, Democrats are flowing forward on impeachment despite a complete lack of any evidence of a crime, and media dinosaurs are calling for the firing of Tucker Carlson because he said politically incorrect things more than a decade ago.

Listen to the show:

Liberals love to lecture others on the evils of capitalism and telling everyone to “check their privilege.” Well, a bunch of rich, privileged liberals were arrested yesterday for bribing people to get their kids into prestigious colleges at the expense of deserving students because they’re all frauds.

They paid smart people to take standardized tests on behalf of their children and helped fake their kids’ athletic accomplishments so they could be admitted on lower athletic standards. And, even as liberals, they paid millions of dollars for all of this while simultaneously robbing deserving kids of their chances to attend those schools. It’s not unbelievable; it’s sadly very believable.

Nancy Pelosi says she’s against impeaching President Donald Trump, which is good considering there are no grounds on which to impeach him. But this hasn’t stopped Democrats from pressing forward with impeachment talk and resolutions because facts don’t matter anymore.

The left wants scalps, and they want THE scalp of the president. Pelosi realizes impeachment would mean electoral death for Democrats in the all-important 2020 elections, especially at the state level, where the fight is over who will redraw congressional districts. But some in the liberal mob has no intention of remaining rational.

That mob is going after Tucker Carlson’s scalp, too. Sam Donaldson was on “Anderson Cooper 360” Tuesday night and equated Carlson having jokingly said politically incorrect things more than a decade ago with Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose sexually harassing women.

Cooper didn’t push back because he’s a hack, and women’s groups will remain silent about this absurdity, too, because they’re all on the same page. Carlson is fighting back, though, and we have his monologue from last night.

Then, we play the single best dissection ever broadcast on TV of how the liberal media and left-wing activist groups conduct one of these smear campaigns from Glenn Beck. Way back when he was on CNN, Beck laid out exactly how these smears go from left-wing activists to the teleprompters of cable news. It’s a brilliant bit of audio everyone should hear.

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