Russell Westbrook Fined $25,000 For Verbal Altercation, Fan Banned From Jazz Games

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The NBA went pretty easy on Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook after a recent verbal altercation with a fan.

Westbrook got into an intense verbal altercation with a fan a couple days ago during a game against the Jazz, and threatened to “f**k” up the man and his wife. (RELATED: Russell Westbrook Tells Fan He Will ‘F**k’ Him And His Wife Up)

According to Bleacher Report, the NBA star has been fined only $25,000 and the fan has been banned from future games.

This is a bad look for the NBA. They should have gone much harder on Westbrook. Only $25,000? Are you kidding me? He’s not even going to notice that money is missing. (RELATED: Michael Jordan Has Great Quote About His Six Rings When Discussing James Harden And Russell Westbrook)

He’s making $35 million this season. You think he gives a damn about $25,000? Hell no.


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Westbrook claimed the altercation started over a racist comment, and the fan denied that was the case. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter. Banning a guy for life over a comment nobody is sure about seems like a massive overreaction.

The Oklahoma City Thunder star just has to learn to be the bigger man. He’s the one getting paid millions, and he’s the one representing a global brand.

Short of a fan threatening violence, there’s no reason to ever threaten them. I don’t care what they say. I really don’t.

If you have a problem, then go get security. That’s the only option on the table. By fining Westbrook such a little amount, the league is pretty much doing nothing.

That’s unacceptable.


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He should have been suspended for several games, and he should have lost at least $100,000. The league really dropped the ball on this one.

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