OPINION: Why Can’t Ivanka Trump And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Get Along?

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As a member of the seemingly-dwindling group of moderates in this country, I was profoundly dismayed by the public spat between Ivanka Trump and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

While partisans from either side watched the battle between these two accomplished women unfold (and cheered for their team’s player), I couldn’t help but wish that they would just sit down and have a conversation. I suspect that they would have more common goals and beliefs than it would appear at first glance.

Ivanka Trump has long been a fierce advocate for working women — even championing a $50 million initiative aimed at helping women find jobs, start their own businesses, and generally empower them in the workforce. It is a noble cause that is worthy of praise and recognition.

Over on the left, Ocasio-Cortez has been fighting her heart out for a higher minimum wage so that everyone, including women, can afford to feed their families. Her fight is also a noble cause that deserves discussion.

It seems as though these two both seek to make the world a better place, but have different ideas about how to do so. There must be some sort of middle ground.

In a rational discussion, perhaps these women could agree that while we do not need to force businesses to pay extremely high wages that they cannot afford — people do need to be able to earn enough money to survive.

As someone who leans liberal, I have still also always worked for a living. Working on Wall Street was obviously a meritocracy, where nobody is just giving you anything or providing you with handouts. Being able to rise through the ranks and earn a high salary because you worked for it is part of the American dream. It always has been.

That said, I also think that we need to be fair. This is an expensive country to live in — especially in big cities like New York. Both of these women know that.

However, in this regard, Ocasio-Cortez is more familiar with the costs and the challenges that people trying to make ends meet face. She is correct when she demands that we need a higher minimum wage.

Agreeing with her on this issue doesn’t mean that I agree with everything she says. Even as someone on the left, Ocasio-Cortez’s tax policy is a thing of nightmares. I believe that the proposed 70 percent tax on millionaires is ridiculous. That said, I do agree that people should be able to feed their children.

Let’s face it. When you hear Ivanka Trump speak on issues like this one, it sounds silly. She obviously has no concept of the hardships that so many face because she has never had to worry about money — and neither will her children, or her children’s children.

It is very easy to push the trope about pulling yourself up by your bootstraps when you have never had to do it yourself. This isn’t meant to trash Ivanka, as she has a kind heart. I just think that speaking to people who were not born with a silver spoon may help her become more sensitive on this topic.

I hear former-bartenders have great perspective on this issue — just throwing that out there.

As women, we have so many adversaries in life that there is no need for this type of woman-on-woman crime. We should be building each other up, not tearing one another down.

Just imagine what these bright and talented minds could accomplish together if they just stopped the bickering.

They both have an open invitation to come on my podcast and discuss this any time. Ivanka can bring the liquor and Alexandria can teach us her best cocktail.

Deidre Scaramucci (@DeidreScaramuc2) is the co-host of the Mooch and Mrs Podcast, and founding team member of the Salt Conference.

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