Bald Eagle Rescued From DC Train Tracks Euthanized

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Jon Brown Associate Editor
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Wildlife officials determined Thursday that “humane euthanasia” was the only option for the bald eagle rescued from the Washington, D.C., metro tracks Wednesday evening.

In a melancholy thread posted on Twitter, City Wildlife explained the bird’s sad predicament.

“After a thorough examination, review of the x–rays, and consultations with other wildlife veterinarians, the opinion of the experts is unanimous and sad: the multiple fractures in the bird’s wing cannot be repaired and humane euthanasia is the only responsible option,” wrote the only wildlife rehabilitation center in Washington, D.C. (RELATED: Injured National Bird Snarls Traffic In National Capital)

“We would, of course, had loved to have saved this bird, but the injuries were too severe,” they continued.

“Our built-up environment makes life convenient and pleasant for us, but in so many ways it makes survival difficult for wild animals, who have evolved to live in a very different world. The eagle is, tragically, another victim whose life ended too soon,” City Wildlife concluded plaintively.

The injured bald eagle snarled rush hour traffic Wednesday evening when it was discovered on the metro tracks near Morgan Boulevard, the second-to-last stop on blue/silver line that terminates in Largo, Maryland. Traffic was diverted north to New Carrollton, Maryland, until the bird could be reached by an eight-man rescue team.

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