Charles Barkley Rips Into The Idea Of College Athletes Profiting Off Their Likeness

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Charles Barkley really hates some of the ideas he’s hearing on how to pay college athletes.

The NBA legend said the following in a video posted Wednesday by Jeff Eisenband when explaining how he wants players to get money but doesn’t like the ideas he’s hearing:

I’ve heard these idiots say, ‘why don’t we let them sell their likeness?’ That’s great if you’re a star. Let me tell you something If I’m a big fat offensive lineman and the QB is selling his jersey and he’s getting commercials, and the RB, and I’m actually doing all the work, how do you think that’s gonna go over in the locker room?

You can watch his full comments below:

This is why we love Charles Barkley so much. Everybody is trying to have a nuanced conversation about potentially paying athletes, and he’s out here being as blunt as he possibly can be. (RELATED: Charles Barkley Has Some Wise Words About The Stupidity Of Social Media)

That’s the honesty that has made him a star around the globe. You want athletes to profit off their likeness? Well, then Barkley thinks you’re an idiot!

To be honest, I’ve never thought about it this way. To be clear, I think letting players sign autographs and sell their likeness is probably fine.

However, he has a point about animosity potentially growing in the locker room if only some players are cashing big checks, and the linemen think they’re not getting respected.

I guess we’re back to the drawing board now because that was pretty much my only idea. Sound off in the comments if you think athletes should be paid.

I think most of you will want them to not go broke.