Nebraska Coach Tim Miles Falls In The Tunnel After Beating Rutgers

Tim Miles (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Nebraska basketball coach Tim Miles was a little bit too excited after beating Rutgers 68-61 Wednesday night.

The Big Ten coach rushed off to the tunnel, and promptly hit the deck like a sniper took him out from the rafters. (RELATED: Michigan State Favored To Win Big Ten Basketball Tournament)

Watch the hilarious video below.

Here’s another angle for all of you to enjoy.

First off, this is the passion and excitement that makes college basketball so great. Miles is out here celebrating like he just won the national title. (RELATED: Wisconsin Beats Penn State 61-57)

In reality, he beat a sub-.500 Rutgers team. Should you be celebrating after beating Rutgers? Probably not. Should you be so juiced that you fall in the tunnel? Absolutely not.

Secondly, major props to Miles popping right back up like nothing was wrong. Don’t worry, big guy. The internet is forever and we all saw that.

Twitter never forgets!

Finally, I am a huge Nebraska fan today when they play Maryland. I need that same passion and energy when the Cornhuskers play the Terrapins.

I promise to never make fun of Tim Miles again if they win.*

*Promise expires at midnight tonight. All bets are off if Wisconsin plays them Friday.

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