San Jose Police Officer: Sanctuary Laws ‘Need To Be Changed Immediately’

Fox News

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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San Jose Police Sgt. Paul Kelly says sanctuary laws that keep criminal illegals on America’s streets “need to be changed immediately” on “Fox & Friends” Thursday morning.

Kelly blames the “state or county” sanctuary laws for allowing criminal illegal Carlos Eduardo Arevalo Carranza, 24, to allegedly stalk and murder Bambi Larson in February.

The police officer expressed outrage that Larson was killed. “This guy [Carranza] is a monster,” Kelly told Fox, “and there’s absolutely no reason in the world that Bambi should have died.” (RELATED: Illegal Arrested In Murder Case Has Long Criminal Record And Was Not Deported)

Accused killer Carlos Carranza (L) and victim Bambi Larson (R). Fox News screenshot.

Accused killer Carlos Carranza (L) and victim Bambi Larson (R). Fox News screenshot.

Kelly suggested it shouldn’t be complicated to figure out how to deter criminal illegals from committing more crimes.

“It’s simple, if you are undocumented and you are committing violent crimes and you’re convicted, you should to go jail, do your time, and be deported.” (RELATED: 22-Year-Old Son Of Knoxville Fire Captain Killed By Illegal Immigrant)

He said the blame lies with sanctuary laws that “need to be changed immediately. . . . If there are violations in regard to violent crimes, whether it’s the sanctuary state laws or whether it’s the sanctuary county laws across California and across this nation, [criminal illegals] need to be deported after serving their time.”

Many Orange Country cities are in open revolt against California’s sanctuary state law. Outgoing California Gov. Jerry Brown recently argued that the state’s sanctuary law was not the cause of the murder of police officer Cpl. Ronil Singh.

Kelly said there has been enough sympathy expressed for “violent sexual predators that have been convicted. . . . The American police officer is tired of the debate: what we are concerned about is fixing these laws in California and in these counties and across the nation now before other people in our communities are injured.”

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