SEC Donates $100,000 To Auburn For Tornado Relief

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The SEC opened up its wallet to help out with tornado relief in Alabama.

According to Wednesday, the conference is donating $100,000 to Auburn to help with relief efforts after a tornado decimated part of Alabama and left 23 people dead.

Auburn University President Steven Leath stated the following after the donation:

This is a remarkable donation that speaks to the SEC’s steadfast commitment to its member institutions and surrounding communities. As we continue to evaluate further ways in which our university can help those affected by the March 3 tornadoes, this funding will be a tremendous boost to our coordinated efforts going forward.

I know that I rag on the SEC a ton. My hatred for their football teams is well-known, but I do love the people down there. They’re some of the best people on the planet.

This is just an awesome move from the conference. Will $100,000 fix the lives that have been destroyed? No, but it will certainly help. (RELATED: SEC Football Fans Meltdown When Their Lack Of High Expectations Is Pointed Out. You Hate To See It!)

It’s times like these that we remember there is much more that brings us together than pushes us apart. We can hate each other on the football field, and recognize we’re all in this fight together off of it.


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Let’s hope the good people in Alabama are able to heal from this horrific tragedy. There’s not a single dollar amount in this world that will bring back their lost loved ones, but it’s good to know how many people are willing to lend the hand.

For as much as I hate the SEC, and I very much do, I respect the hell out of this move. Well done.

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