Beto Supporter Tries To Dodge Identity Politics Moments After Attacking GOP For ‘Old White Guys’

Phillip Stucky Contributor
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DraftBeto co-founder Nate Lerner asserted that people should look past former Democratic Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke’s whiteness and look into the issues that matter, in a Friday interview with Tucker Carlson.

Lerner asserted that the Republican Party consisted mostly of white men and that the Democratic Party was better because it was more diverse.

“The problem is when you have the Republican Party as a great example when you look at a picture of Paul Ryan’s interns, and it’s all just a bunch of white guys, that’s not a great look,” Lerner said. “It was the same thing with the Republican Party in 2016: it’s all a bunch of white guys. Look at Congress 10 years ago—it’s all old white men. That’s not our country, and it doesn’t make sense.”

Carlson followed up to that statement with a simple question, “Why are you backing the white guy? Why, when you have such a diverse field, does the white guy get to jump to the front of the line?”

“Now it’s about saying ‘Great, we have all these great candidates, we aren’t going to make identity our sole issue, there’s a lot of other issues on the table to consider. For me personally, I want Beto to win,” Lerner answered. (RELATED: Texas Democratic Party Chairman Unable To Name One Beto Accomplishment)

“Ok, you can have them run, you just don’t want them to win it, I get it,” Tucker responded. “You want to be able to have them on the stage, you want them in the picture, but you don’t want them to win.”

“I think Beto is a better fit for this country at this time,” Lerner concluded.

Beto announced late Wednesday with a full interview in Vanity Fair where he discussed the long thought process that led to him deciding he was “born to run” for president. The former congressman has limited success in office, but he experienced national acclaim when he ran against Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and lost in the 2018 mid-term election.