Female Olympic Swimmer Decries ‘Injustice’ Of Transgender Athletes In Women’s Sports

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Former British Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies spoke out on Friday about the “injustice” of transgender athletes being allowed to compete in women’s athletics.


Fox News host Tucker Carlson began the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” segment by noting that Davies “was recently accused of hate speech for saying that transgendered athletes should not be allowed to compete against biological females.”

Citing other athletes who have also spoken out on the issue—a list that is “growing every single day”— Davies stated the need to “speak out before this injustice actually happens.”

“As we know, there is a difference of about 10 to 12 percent between a female performance and a male performance,” Davies said. “So a transgender woman who is biologically a man, been born a boy, will have that advantage whether they have had testosterone suppressing or no. That will remain with them the rest of their lives. That gives the females racing a massive disadvantage. That’s not a level playing field.” (RELATED: Lesbian Activist Defends ‘Biological Reality’ After Being Booted From Baltimore LGBTQ Commission)

To Davies and others, its not “a matter of being transphobic” in any way, but rather about “wanting sports to be fair: based on sex and not gender.”

The former Olympian then cited several biological differences between males and females:

If you are born male, if you are born XY, then you are going to have a bigger lung capacity, you are going to be taller, you are going to have bigger feet, bigger hands, a better red blood cell count, better hand-eye coordination. All of those things do not go away if you transition and the majority of men transition after puberty so they have all the extra strength that comes with testosterone that’s very much pumped through the body when you go through puberty. And even if you suppress for one year, it will make very little difference to actual performance. Women cannot stand next to somebody and beat them.

“This is about sport,” she added. “This is about biology, and this is about science. And all we’re asking for is more research.”

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