Should Taxpayers Be Subsidizing Universities That Don’t Protect Admissions Integrity?

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Stephanie Hamill Video Columnist
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The alleged college admissions scam should have taxpayers asking why they’re federally subsidizing higher learning if the universities aren’t doing enough to prevent wealthy people from taking advantage of the system for their kids.

Robby Soave, the associate editor of Reason, thinks it’s “time to put the college admissions system on a rocket and shoot it into the sun.”

“If we are going to continue to publicly fund higher education, taxpayers might rightly ask whether institutions that receive federal dollars should be permitted to privilege the wealthy, the donor class, the athletes (both faux and actual), and certain racial groups (resulting in abject discrimination against Asians) over applicants who might actually be interested in checking a book out of the library. But if higher education is really just about celebrity scions pretending to play water polo in order to gain admittance to an exclusive partying club, maybe it’s long past time to hit the defund button,” said Soave.

Dozens of people have been charged in the admissions scandal, including two actresses. (REALTED: Lori Loughlin’s Daughter Loses Sephora Collaboration Amid College Admissions Scandal)


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