Teen Who Attacked Australian Senator Should Have Expected Retaliation, Says Joey Jones

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Double-amputee and former Marine Johnny “Joey” Jones criticized a teenager on “Fox & Friends” Monday after he snuck up behind an Australian senator and smashed an egg over his head.

A 17-year-old cracked an egg over the head of Australian Sen. Fraser Anning while he was speaking with the press Saturday about the mosque attack in New Zealand. Anning responded by hitting the teen in the face and a small brawl broke out.

Police later arrested the teen and then released him, pending an investigation.

“I don’t back stupidity, but I understand it’s someone’s nature to defend themselves,” Jones said. “Let me make this clear — I’m not defending this senator’s comments at all, but if you walk up to someone and attack them from behind and don’t expect retaliation, you’re pretty stupid. Perhaps at 17 he doesn’t know this — maybe at 18 or 20 he will. Maybe that’s why we don’t let 17-year-olds vote in this country.”

Anning blamed the unchecked migration of radical Muslims for the mosque attack and faced backlash for his public comments on the subject. (RELATED: Australian Senator Slaps Teen For Cracking An Egg On The Back Of His Head During Live Interview)


“Someone that’s been trained in hand-to-hand combat I can tell you, if I get attacked from behind, the first thing I’m going to do is react — before I realize if that was an egg or a hammer or what it was,”Jones continued.

“He takes a moment, a split second and it looks like he decides to slap him instead of punch him, and I do applaud the senator on that notion. Then the 17-year-old retaliates and then he comes back with his fists swinging. I think the people around the senator did the right thing by separating them and neutralizing the kid.”

Jones also said violence is never the answer, but that Anning had a right to defend himself after the teenager initiated the contact.

“Violence is never the remedy you initiate, but when someone attacks you, you defend yourself. In this country, we have the right to self-defense in most states. I don’t know exactly what Australia’s laws are,” he said. “I’m sure the senator, obviously being the older person and the person who retaliated — it’s kind of like on the football field. You only see the person that punches back, I guess. I’m not sure why people are deciding that this 17-year-old kid is a victim. He initiated the contact.”

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