The Evils Of Identity Politics And Why Liberals Embrace It

Derek Hunter | Contributor

On the show today we get into the evils of identity politics and the manipulation behind it. It’s how a terrorist attack half way around the world can be blamed on President Donald Trump by liberal politicians; how college students can blame the tragedy on tweets from Chelsea Clinton. It is the root of division sowed by political opportunists who seek the immediate at the expense of the future. It’s a very dangerous game Democrats are playing.

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Identity politics divides people into tribes they favor over their own neighbors, makes people more sympathetic to victims of a terrorist attack thousands of miles away because the victims share more similar traits with them than they do with the victims of the carnage in Chicago. Chelsea Clinton showed up to a prayer vigil for victims of the New Zealand terrorist attack and was accused of causing the attack by students because she criticized a Muslim member of Congress for being anti-Semitic. Identity politics is evil, and Democrats are using it because divided groups of people are easier to manipulate.

Reuters had a bombshell story about Beto O’Rourke’s past, that he’d been a part of one of the most famous groups of hackers in history. But rather than run the story, the reporter kept it secret until after the election in exchange for an interview for a book he was working on. Trading for access is what liberals claim to be against.

President Donald Trump criticized late Sen. John McCain for his prominent role in spreading the bogus Steele dossier, which led to much criticism of the president, including from McCain’s daughter Meghan, for attacking a dead man. But is it really attacking a dead man when you’re simply being honest about things he did?

Plus, a goat was elected mayor of a town in Vermont. Immediately after being sworn in, the goat took a giant dump. It’s a perfect metaphor for politics today.

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