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ABC Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee Monsoons Man Who Called Her A ‘Bimbo’

Ginger Zee/YouTube/Wendy Williams Show

Stanley Singleton feels so small and stupid right now.

As well, he might Tuesday morning after reaching out to ABC News Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee to tell her that what she wore on today’s “Good Morning America” makes her look like a “bimbo.”

He says his intention was to compliment her.

Gee rained down hard on Singleton, letting him have it. But not too meanly, considering.

Some 57 minutes later, Singleton apparently saw the light and realized that his so-called complimentary tweet went over like a lead balloon. He apologized. Oh, if not for the Twitter mob that will let you know when you’ve screwed up, where would he be?

Stanley apologized and called himself stupid.

Viewers quickly sided with Zee.

“I wouldn’t even reply to these morons!! You do a Fantastic job…that’s all that matters!!” wrote Ann McIver.

Another female viewer sharply told Stanley, “Women are not here to be your eye candy!”

He agreed. “I deserve to be dumped on for being stupid at this moment,” he replied.

“So rude,” wrote Bobbie.

Again, he agreed,

“Rude and stupid,” Stanley replied.

Another woman told him that his penance should be spending the rest of the week “propping up every woman you can instead of tearing them down.” (RELATED: For International Women’s Day Here Are The World’s Influential Women) 

Stanley flogged himself again.

“I said something stupid and need to be seen as stupid right now,” he said.

“Shame on you,” replied Chrissy Chris.

Stanley: “Yes, I am stupid right now.”

Zee was pretty kind to Stanley, considering his boneheadedness. (RELATED: Experts Debunk Claim That Government Shutdown Makes Weather Forecasts Less Accurate) 

“No worries,” she replied. “I understand, but wanted to use the comment to start an important conversation. I agree that a professional wardrobe is critical but I believe I have that.”

Another viewer told her that teal happens to be the color people wear to promote awareness for ovarian cancer. It’s called Teal Tuesday. She said the color of Zee’s skirt was close enough.