‘He’s Not Going To Be Hauled Out In Handcuffs’: Trump-Fired Prosecutor Preet Bharara Says Mueller Won’t Arrest Trump

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said potential results from the Mueller report might “disappoint the crowd” of audience members on ABC’s “The View” Tuesday.

“He’s not going to be hauled out in handcuffs,” Bharara said of President Donald Trump, arguing that he didn’t believe special counsel Robert Mueller would change the current policy that says a sitting president cannot be indicted.


“He’s very methodical,” Bharara said of Mueller and of persistent rumors about when his investigation and report would be finished. “He won’t do anything before it’s time.” (RELATED: Trump Administration Fires Prominent Obama-Era Attorney Who Refused To Resign)

Meghan McCain asked what the former U.S. attorney — who was famously fired by Trump — thought Americans could expect from Mueller’s conclusion. “A lot of people in the country, like Joy, are hoping that the president is going to be walking out of the White House in handcuffs when all of this is over,” she noted.

“Now I’m worried that I’ll disappoint the crowd,” Bharara laughed. “He’s not going to be hauled out in handcuffs. Maybe he should be. Maybe that’s proof beyond a reasonable doubt of a crime. But as people have talked about for a while now, there is a written guidance policy document in the Department of Justice that says a sitting president cannot be prosecuted.”

Bharara concluded that Mueller will most likely abide by that policy — and that no matter what happens, a large chunk of the population will be upset “because they don’t get the outcome they want.”

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