Charge Anything From Your Car Battery To Your Phone To Your Camera Or Drone With This Honda Licensed Power Station

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Running out of battery for any of your devices sucks in such a digitally-connected age, but lets face it sometimes running out of all of them puts you in a real bind. Say your on the road, without a car charger, your phone is dead and your car battery dies. What do you do?

This power station can reliably charge most of your devices in the event of an emergency or for recreation (Photo via Jackery)

This power station can reliably charge most of your devices in the event of an emergency or for recreation (Photo via Jackery)

With 30-day money back guarantee, Jackery is dedicated to providing products you love

If your answer is panic, perhaps you need to learn about this official Honda licensed product created by Jackery, a brand dedicated to always providing power while you are outdoors.

For that reason, this Lithium-Ion portable power station features 292 Watt-hour energy storage. For reference this thing can charge your phone fully about 20 seperate times before it needs to be recharged it. With multiple outputs including USB, AC output, and a 12V car port, you can charge everything from a mini fridge to a 32 inch TV! Its basically like owning a mini power plant that fits in your car.

Plus, the HLS290 is solar-ready (if you buy compatible solar panels you can charge this thing while outside and essentially get free unlimited power depending on the weather). So what are you waiting for, aside from serving as a reliable power source in case of emergency, this HLS290 gives you everything you need for recreation on the go, and for $399.99, this thing is an absolute steal. I may need to pick one up soon!

(Photo via Jackery)

(Photo via Jackery)

If you like this power station, be sure to check out more Jackery products now and receive free shipping and a 2 year warranty on orders over $50 

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