Smollett Reaps Social Media Whirlwind From Liberals And Conservatives As #LiberalPrivilege Trends On Twitter

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The fact that Chicago prosecutors declined to pursue charges against “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett for allegedly staging a hate crime against himself has many crying foul on Twitter.

The hashtags #liberalprivilege and #blackprivilege were all over the social media network Tuesday as First Assistant State’s Attorney Joseph Magats made the decision to drop Smollett’s charges, based largely on the fact that the “Empire” actor agreed to forfeit his $10,000 bond and did two days of “volunteer service” with Jesse Jackson’s nonprofit group.

While the decision enraged Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, who reportedly was “furious” after finding out his “rock solid” case was out the window, it also didn’t sit well in Twitterland. (RELATED: That Time Jussie Smollett Called Trump Supporters ‘Clowns’ And A ‘National Disgrace’)

“As a former Police Officer, Jussie Smollett getting away with committing 16 felonies has me so pissed off right now,” Turning Point USA’s Brandon Tatum tweeted with the hashtag #blackprivilege. “All that hard work investigating a fake crime he stage and paid for. The amount of taxpayer resources and manpower that was wasted is sickening.”

Former Obama chief strategist David Axelrod criticized prosecutors for seeming disingenuous.

Even Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell seemed confused:

Black Conservative Federation president Diante Johnson used the #liberalprivilege hashtag to note: “Money talks huh? If he was white and anti-Obama there would be protest[s] all over the country right now.”

And plenty more followed:

Finally, this Hodge Twins video says it all:

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