John James Reacts To Bride Who Kicked Military Man Out Of Her Wedding

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Former U.S. Senate candidate John James of Michigan appeared on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday to react to the story of a bride kicking a military man out of her wedding.

News broke about the anonymous bride ejecting her Marine guest after she posted her explanation on Reddit on March 22. She said the wedding was supposed to be black tie formal wear and found the guest’s appearance off-putting:

The son of one of my husband’s friends showed up to my wedding in his marines formal wear, complete with all his medals. Now, I have nothing against anyone in the military but this was a black tie optional wedding and frankly it felt very out of place and it seemed like he was just trying to show off. My wedding had over 300 guests and nobody else felt the need to wear something to make them stand out.

James, who flew Army helicopters during the Iraq war, said both sides should shoulder some of the blame. (RELATED: Air Force Academy First Sergeant Reprimanded For Telling Cadets To Dress Properly)

“Well, my initial reaction was this is ridiculous. But then, very quickly, I think back to the men who I led. And a lot of them are junior enlisted. Now I don’t know the details about this marine’s personal life, but black tie optional tuxes — he may not have had the money or the resources. His military uniform might have been the best that he had,” James said.


“And you’re telling me that at a 300-person wedding, you couldn’t find somebody who might have had a suit, a tie, a jacket, some pants. But you also set the dress code. Hook this guy up. Let him in.”

James also said there may have been underlying issues that went beyond the dress code.

“This tells me that there might be something else at play,” he said. “Usually the tie goes to the bride but in this particular case I think it might have been handled differently.”

“I don’t know their personal background. There’s a lot of details we don’t know,” James continued. “But I’m personally proud of my uniform. But, as a matter of courtesy, for both sides, I think that if you’re at the point with all those options to dismiss someone, I think there may be more information.”

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