ESPN Tells Keith Olbermann To Stop Making ‘Personal Attacks’ After Tweet About Hunter

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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ESPN wants Keith Olbermann to chill out on Twitter.

Olbermann tweeted and then deleted that a hunter’s life, Hunter Waltman, should be made a “living hell” after shooting a rare white turkey.

Apparently, ESPN wasn’t too pleased about the fact he was targeting some random hunter in the state of Mississippi.

“We have spoken to him about not making personal attacks,” ESPN told Fox News on Wednesday. The former political host also appeared to clarify his words and apologized when he tweeted Wednesday night, “I am an opponent of trophy hunting and remain so, but nobody should feel threatened. This was anything but my intent, so I unreservedly apologize to Mr. Waltman for this tweet.”

I know that there’s a lot of people who would rush and say Olbermann should be fired from his role at ESPN. Nothing pisses me off more than the mob that gets together to call for firing somebody, even if Olbermann has been a part of it.

It’s just good to see that ESPN under Jimmy Pitaro isn’t just letting its employees do whatever they want and run wild on Twitter. (RELATED: ESPN President Makes Shocking Admission About The Network’s Dive Into Politics)

Let’s never forget that Jemele Hill once called President Trump a white supremacist on Twitter, and that pretty much went unaddressed.

At least Pitaro seems to not be letting employees just run all over the place without saying anything. Should Olbermann be suspended from the network? Should he be fired? I’m not sure I have the answers to those questions, but we should never start calling for somebody’s career, even if it is somebody as unbearable as Keith Olbermann.

That’s not a trend anybody should support. Let ESPN take care of its own house, and the rest of us can do the same.