Wichita State Fans Prove They Are Weakest In All Of Sports After A Little Criticism

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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My friends, the Wichita State fan base is softer than ice cream that’s been sitting in the sun for an hour.

Yesterday, I simply pointed out that the NIT is a joke of a college basketball tournament that shouldn’t exist. It’s for teams not good enough to play in the big dance, and in America we shouldn’t ever tolerate anything other than being the best.

That standard of excellence is what led me to criticize Wichita State celebrating beating Indiana like they just won the national title. Again, the NIT is played to determine the 69th best team in America. Congrats on the huge accomplishment! (RELATED: Wichita State Embarrassingly Celebrates Making The NIT Final Four)

I thought WSU was a program full of pride. After all, they’ve dominated the mid-major scene for years. I thought they held themselves to the same standard.

I was wrong. I was so wrong. People reacted like I just told them their first-born child had died. My inbox and DMs are full of garbage that resembles the English language, and my Twitter has exploded. Even former Shockers star and unemployed NBA player Ron Baker weighed in.

Hey Baker, spend a little more time in the gym instead of on Twitter, and maybe you’d have a job.

Again, I pointed out a fact. The fact is the NIT shouldn’t exist. It’s for teams not good enough to play with the big dogs, and nobody should be happy about it.

The one thing we’ve learned from this situation is that WSU doesn’t actually believe they’re as good as they want us to believe.

If Wisconsin ever agrees to play in the NIT, I’ll boycott. This America. We went to the moon. I refuse to take part in this participation trophy culture.

WSU’s season should have ended the moment they missed the NCAA tournament, and I don’t care how much that bothers their soft fans. College basketball is a tough world, and some people aren’t capable of cutting it.


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Finally, everybody is demanding that I apologize. You can see my official apology below, and I mean every single word of it.

Better luck next year, Shockers! Hopefully, you’ll all toughen up a bit by then.

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