DoorDash Delivery Guy Got Caught Drinking Customer’s Milkshake

(Photo Credit: Shutterstock David Tonelson)

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A family in California caught their delivery guy drinking out of a milkshake they ordered through the app DoorDash from the security camera outside their door.

Rashib Malhotra said the delivery man drank the milkshake and had no idea it had previously been sipped on until the next day, according to a report published Friday by the New York Post. The teen’s dad, Rajesh Malhotra, found the footage of the delivery and had Rashib watch it.

“My dad told me to check out the video from last night — and once I check it out, I [watched] maybe five, six times. I felt really disgusted about what had happened,” Rashib said in an interview with Fox40.

The family is expecting an apology from DoorDash and the delivery guy but hasn’t heard from them since they reported the incident two weeks ago. (RELATED: Tennessee Man Faces Felony After Allegedly Dipping Testicles In Customer’s Salsa)

“We have trust between the company and the drivers. Once that trust is broken, we can’t go back to them,” Rajesh said.

It’s unclear what prompted Rajesh to check the camera footage, but he’s probably glad he did.

“I looked at it, [and thought], ‘Hey, the guy who delivered the food was sipping out of my son’s Cold Stone,'” Rajesh recalled. “I was like, ‘Whoa, that’s crazy.’ I mean how can someone jeopardize the product like that? Especially the food.”