Save Over 50% On This Tactical Penknife Combo

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The next generation of penknives is here. The TriTac Tactical EDC Penknife is armed with cutting edge technology you can use in any situation. Save 40% off the original price in the Daily Caller shop. For a limited time, knock an additional 15% off the sales price.

Be prepared for any situation with this versatile pen

Be prepared for any situation with this versatile pen

Normally $70, by using the discount code MADNESS15 you can bring the final sales price down to $35

The bolt-action pen lever with a Fisher Space Ink Cartridge can write on wet paper or upside down, making it useful in any weather condition. The knife’s aircraft aluminum has an ergonomic grip you can use for hours without getting sore. Save yourself in case of a dangerous accident with the Tungsten carbide window punch. Whip out the stainless steel knife to cut anything in the kitchen or garage. At only 6 inches, easily keep the TriTac Tactical EDC Penknife close by in case of emergency. A price reduction of $20 is available if you buy right now.

Be prepared for any situation when you buy the TriTac Tactical EDC Penknife in the Daily Caller shop. The price has been reduced from $69.99 to $41.99. Save an additional 15% with the discount code MADNESS15 bringing the final price to $35.69.

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