Democratic Strategist Tries To Blame America For Migrant Influx, Daily Caller Columnist Says That’s ‘Outrageous’

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Democratic strategist Jonathan Harris attempted to make the case that American policies that “destabilize other regions of the world” are to blame for asylum seekers.

Harris’s claim came during a Saturday night “Justice With Judge Jeanine” panel discussion about the ongoing border crisis that included Pirro and Daily Caller video columnist Stephanie Hamill, both of whom were quick to point out the logical flaws in his arguments.


“I would agree that there is a financial cost that comes with operating a country and part of our laws, part of our rules that we have as a country is that we take in asylum-seekers,” Harris said in response to Pirro’s initial question about incoming immigrants. “There is a cost that comes with that, and there is also a cost that when we destabilize other parts of the world people coming here to seek asylum kind of makes sense. We in very many instances do destabilize other regions of the world, and that’s where we get these asylum seekers.”

Hamill noted the “hundreds of millions of dollars a year” the United States already spends on Latin American countries. “Why are we giving them so much in humanitarian aid if they cannot take care of their people? Their people are fleeing.”

After a back and forth about immigrants and others “gaming the system,” Harris pushed his point again about U.S. foreign policy working to “destabilize regions to create people that have to flee violence.”

“Are you saying it is our fault that they’re doing this?” Pirro interjected. “Because we are destabilizing the world, so we deserve it? We deserve an influx of millions of people who come in and go on our disability and hospitals and welfare rolls and everything else, that we deserve that because we destabilize the world? Come on, Jonathan.”

Calling it a “moral question,” Harris asked if the U.S. has “a moral responsibility as a Christian nation to help these people, or no?” (RELATED: Tucker Asked Jorge Ramos How Many Caravan Migrants He Planned To Take In – Things Got Awkward Fast)

“What policies are destabilizing these nations?” Hamill responded. “I hate when people try to make America look terrible. We are one of the most generous countries in the world and we are helping countries around the world, so for you just to say this without even telling me what policies are destabilizing Latin America. I mean, it is outrageous.”

Harris told Hamill he could give her a “list” before going back to his “moral question” contention.

Pirro closed by saying taking money from “middle Americans” to support those who come to this country illegally “a moral issue” as well.

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