Jason Witten Discusses Coming Out Of Retirement To Rejoin The Cowboys

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Jason Witten sounds incredibly excited to be back in the NFL.

The legendary tight end came back to the Dallas Cowboys after taking a year off this past season. He spent his one year of retirement on the ESPN broadcast of “Monday Night Football,” but he just couldn’t resist the itch of playing again. (RELATED: Jason Witten Comes Out Of Retirement To Rejoin The Dallas Cowboys)


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Witten said the following Saturday, according to ESPN:

I’m invigorated by the process of going back in there. I really feel like obviously I’ve got a lot of energy coming back in there. I’m excited, and I think you just get back in there. That’s what I’ve enjoyed the most, getting with the guys, start looking at some tape and working out with Coach [Mike] Woicik and the strength staff some … There’s been nothing like it. I feel like a little kid when my car pulls in. I’m looking forward to the next six, seven months.

The Cowboys should consider themselves super lucky that Witten agreed to play for them again. He’s the exact kind of guy who they might need to take things to the next level.

He provides a security blanket for Dak Prescott and most importantly a lot of leadership in the locker room.


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Expectations are going to be sky high in Dallas this season. They’ve got Prescott, Witten back, Amari Cooper and Ezekiel Elliott all on offense ready to roll.

If there’s a time for the Cowboys to win a bunch of games, it’s right now. There’s no excuse for Jerry Jones’ guys to not string together some nice wins in 2019.

With Witten back on the field, you know the fanbase is going to love it. The stadium will explode with support when he takes the field for the first time.


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It’s time to show up and show out if you’re playing for the Cowboys. The time for excuses is officially over.

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