Kanye West Wants His Family To Be More Like ‘The Incredibles’

(Credit: Youtube Screenshot / https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=15&v=UXNw2tn0M84)

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Kanye West has revealed that he thinks his family may be the next “Incredibles.”

West explained why he was finally doing his first testimonial in the season premiere of the family’s reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” that aired Sunday.

“This is my first time doing this. I’m not actually attempting to do good,” Kanye said to the camera. “This interview is because of the movie ‘The Incredibles.’ It starts off with the interviews. The superheroes are giving interviews.”

As his wife Kim Kardashian stared at him blankly, Kanye continued, “The wife’s got a big butt and I just see our life becoming more and more and more like ‘The Incredibles’ until we can finally fly.” (RELATED: Kanye West Partnered With Adidas To Launch Yeezy Lemonade Stands For Charity)

These are some of the best Kanye comments I have ever heard. Hilarious comments from Kanye aren’t new. He is well known for tweeting random thoughts from his Twitter account. He once tweeted, “truth is my goal. Controversy is my gym. I’ll do a hundred reps of controversy for a 6 pack of truth.”

Kanye once tweeted, “Tweeting is legal and also therapeutic” after the hubbub surrounding his more political and ideological posts.

I’m ready to see more on-camera testimonials from Kanye. They could be the most entertaining part of this entire show.