What Costs Less Than The Mueller Report?

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Graeme Gallagher Contributor
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Signifying the end of an almost two-year investigation, the Mueller report was officially submitted to U.S. Attorney General Willaim Barr over a week ago.

Much to the media’s disappointment, Barr released a summary of the long-awaited probe saying that the special counsel had found no evidence of collusion with Russia.

Spanning from May 2017 to September 2018, the Department of Justice has released three documents showing the expenditures of the probe. Adding all three of the estimated expenses together, the investigation has cost taxpayers upward of $25 million(RELATED: CNN Forced To Admit Mueller Vindicates Trump)

The eight-figure number is a hefty sum and is something that most people dream of earning in their life. But, how much does the Mueller report’s $25 million compare to other expensive costs? How much could that money pay for?

To put this in perspective, check out the list below to see what costs less than the Mueller report. (RELATED: Mueller SPent $3.2 Million In First Four Months Of Russia Probe)