Lithuanian Man Ends Up Being The Only Person Onboard Boeing 737 Flight To Italy

(Credit: Shutterstock / Vadim Georgiev)

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A Lithuanian man got to make himself at home on board his flight from Vilnius, Lithuania, to the Italian city of Bergamo on March 16 because he was the only passenger aboard the Boeing 737-800 plane.

Skirmantas Strimaitis was on a holiday ski trip when he realized he had the whole cabin, which usually seats 188 people, to himself. The only other people on board the plane were the two pilots and five crew members, according to the Associated Press.

The plane had been originally chartered to fly a group of travelers home from Italy. To avoid flying to Italy empty, they sold one-way tickets. Strimaitis was the only customer to buy one, according to the Novaturas travel agency. (RELATED: Norwegian Air Expects Boeing To Foot The Bill For Aircraft Groundings) 

The two-hour trip was a “once in the lifetime experience” Strimaitis told AP on Tuesday.

He’s not wrong about that. Getting to fly on a Boeing 737 alone for the price of a public flight is such a sweet deal. It can cost between $4,000–$8,000 to charter a medium-sized private jet, according to Air Charter Service.

I can’t imagine getting not just a whole row but a whole flight to yourself for domestic pricing. One without crying babies or inconsiderate seat kickers.