Mark Meadows Says Dems Will Subpoena Mueller Report Just To Attack Trump

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Republican North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows attacked House Democrats over plans to subpoena the full Mueller report on Tuesday.

Meadows argued that the move was unnecessary since Attorney General William Barr had already promised to release as much of the report as he legally could later this month.

“Leave it to House Democrats to prepare a subpoena for the Mueller report, after the AG already committed to sending it within days,” Meadows tweeted. (RELATED: Nadler Schedules Vote To Subpoena Entire Mueller Report)

Meadows concluded that the move was entirely political and designed to attack Trump and warned that it could have an unfortunate side effect: compromising efforts to ensure that necessary redactions are accurate and complete.

“We’re witnessing a bound and determined effort to sacrifice serious oversight on the altar of politically targeting Trump,” he added.

Meadows had pointed out a few days ago that redactions were being done with Mueller’s help in order to ensure that all information that could legally be released would be made available and no classified information would accidentally be published.

House Democrats are threatening to issue a subpoena for the full report if they don’t receive it by the end of the day Tuesday.

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