Open Bottles Fast With This Magnetic Bottle Opener For $11.99

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It’s not easy to look cool when you keep trying and failing to pry a bottle cap off a cold beverage. Never strain to open a bottle again with the Magnetic Bottle Opener. Just one push will pop the cap right off. Save 40% off this gadget now in the Daily Caller shop.

Pry bottle caps off with ease with this magnetic bottle opener

Pry bottle caps off with ease with this magnetic bottle opener

Take 40 percent off the MSRP and get this Magnetic Bottle Opener for just $11.99 in The Daily Caller Shop today 

While traditional bottle openers require a little maneuvering to get under the metal correctly, this stainless steel opener uses a magnet to cap over the bottle instantly. A spring-loaded mechanism inside yanks the cap off without any effort. At only $11.99, keep a Magnetic Bottle Opener in your house, car, and cooler.

If you’re a fan of rare beer, this opener won’t bend the cap so you can keep it for your collection. Use it for soda, sparkling water, or any alcoholic beverage in a bottle.

Easily open bottles and look suave doing so when you purchase the Magnetic Bottle Opener in the Daily Caller shop. The device is 40% off for a final price of $11.99 today.

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