Tom Petty’s Widow And His Daughters Can’t Come To An Agreement Over His Music

(Photo by Samir Hussein/Getty Images)

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Tom Petty’s widow and two daughters are in a legal battle over who gets to manage the singer’s estate.

Tom’s wife, Dana Petty, claims his daughters, Adria and Annakim Petty — both born of Petty’s ex-wife, Jane Benyo — are teaming up in an effort to leave her out of decisions over Tom’s estate.

Dana is requesting the court appoint a day-to-day manager with authority that can make sure she and Tom’s daughters have equal participation, according to court documents obtained Tuesday by The Blast.

Dana would prefer if all the decisions require an agreement between the three instead of majority voting because she feels the two daughters will side with each other and not cooperate. (RELATED: Remembering The Man, The Myth, The Legend – Tom Petty)

“Although Petitioner did everything in her power to treat Adria and Annakim as family, sadly, they, and in particular Adria, have repeatedly demonstrated their resentment over their father’s love for Petitioner and her role in his life,” Dana wrote in her court petition.

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The example Dana uses is that Adria brought in Larry Jenkins to manage the estate without running it by Dana first.

Dana claims Jenkins actually has worked out great and Adria “became disappointed as she learned that Mr. Jenkins was not going to allow Adria to run roughshod over him or Petitioner, that Mr. Jenkins intended to include all voices in the process and to make recommendations he believed were in the best interest of Tom’s legacy.”

Dana also claims the daughters blocked an idea she had to include unreleased music in the 25th anniversary “Wildflowers” album.

Tom’s daughters claim that Tom wanted his music moved to a different trust and have filed their own documents in response to Dana.