Tucker Calls Ocasio-Cortez A ‘Moron’ — But Supports Her Views On ‘Corporate Tyranny’

Mike Brest Reporter
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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson called Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a “moron,” but explained that she is correct in her take on income inequality during his show Monday night.


“So it’s official: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a moron and nasty and more self-righteous than any televangelist who ever preached a sermon on cable access. She’s not impressive; she’s awful,” Carlson began. “So how does she get so famous? Why do people like her? Well, if we’re being honest, it’s because not everything she says is wrong. Listen to this clip: it’s from the same town hall. Ocasio-Cortez takes a break from her idiotic climate theology to offer what it turns out to be a fairly insightful critique of the American economy.”

He then aired a clip from Ocasio-Cortez’s town hall of her discussing the growing wealth disparity in the country.

In the clip, she stated, “We have run away income inequality. We are at one of our most inequal [sic] points, economically speaking, in American history. We are dealing with a crisis of how our economy is even made up. Our economy is increasingly financialized, which means we are making profits off of interest.”

“You hate to admit it, given the source, but try to ignore the way she said it, maybe just print it out and read it. A lot of it is basically true. Neither party wants to talk about this,” Carlson continued. “Any economy based on interest payments isn’t really an economy, it’s a scam. Healthy countries innovate. They make things. They don’t treat people like interchangeable widgets. They don’t worship finance.”

Carlson added that Ocasio-Cortez has a constituency in part because of the disproportionate power held by the finance industry:

In a healthy country, bankers aren’t heroes. Private equity is not the highest paid profession. Nobody brags about working at a hedge fund. In America right now, we have the opposite, unfortunately. That’s why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a constituency, not because she is impressive. She’s not. But because she is one of the very few people who will say the obvious about growing corporate tyranny in this country. It doesn’t mean she is right about anything else. Taking power from the banks and giving it to Ocasio-Cortez as she proposes would not solve our problems. It will just put an even dumber person in charge.

The majority of the hour-long town hall was dedicated to the Green New Deal. The resolution failed to pass a Senate vote last week, with not one senator voting in favor of it. (RELATED: Does Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal Outlaw Every Building In The Country)

Recent reports suggest the Green New Deal, which seeks to phase out fossil fuel usage within 12 years, could costs tens of trillions of dollars.

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