Colton Underwood Faces Online Backlash After Calling Women’s Periods ‘Disgusting’

(Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for NBCUniversal)

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Colton Underwood of “The Bachelor” Season 23 is facing online backlash after making comments regarding women’s periods during an appearance Sunday on the talk show “LadyGang.”

Co-host Keltie Knight asked Underwood if he would notice whether she was wearing stained period underwear that had been cleaned. Underwood responded, “Throw them away, and go buy new underwear.”

The other co-hosts of the show defended re-wearing stained underwear, saying it’s a very common thing for women to do. Underwood went on to compare pooping to women’s monthly periods.

“So if you s**t your pants, are you going to just wash them? No, you’re throwing them away,” Underwood questioned.

Underwood suggested that he would go out and buy her new underwear. (RELATED: Colton Underwood And His ‘Future Mrs.’ Attend Golden Knights Game In Matching Jerseys)

“I, as a husband and a boyfriend, will go buy you new underwear. That is so gross,” Underwood said.

Social media users did not find Underwood’s comments funny and many took offense. One user tweeted, ” … It is not ok to make us feel embarrassed about how WE choose to handle OUR menstruation.”

Another user added, “Firstly, a period is NOT like ‘s**tting your pants’ and secondly, I will assume you have never heard of a washer, a dryer, and laundry detergent. You got some underpants with skid marks on them. Don’t lie, Colton…”