Mark Steyn Reacts To New Climate Change Theory: ‘I Can Get On Board With This One’

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Phillip Stucky Contributor
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Conservative author and commentator Mark Steyn reacted Thursday to a new climate change theory asserting that toxic masculinity is to blame for global warming.

In an interview with Tucker Carlson, Steyn discussed a new study from Dr. Aaron Brough of Utah State University that concluded that behavior attempting to reverse climate change is a mostly feminine trait, and that men don’t engage in such behaviors as often because of some responsibility to their sense of self.

“Well, I confess I was at first skeptical,” Steyn said. “If I understand this thesis, my insecurities about my masculinity are causing rising sea levels in the Maldives. And at first I didn’t really buy that, but as I think about it, I think in fact it’s actually one of the least visible climate science thesis of recent years. I’m kind of on board with where they are going on this.” (RELATED: Not Enough Dems Showed Up At This Climate Hearing So Republicans Pulled This Power Move)

“I think, in fact, it’s very difficult to tell, with social science as with climate science, whether or not it’s an ingenious parody,” Steyn continued. “It’s almost impossible to tell, in fact, I think this goes back to, — I think the important point here is toxic masculinity. They are saying that they did a survey here. This is the kind of hardcore science behind it in which they gave someone a Walmart gift card and it was pink and had lots of flowery printed on it, looked a bit girlie and sissy and milquetoast pantywaist.”

“The guy giving this gift card went out and bought very macho masculine things that melt the polar ice caps. If you give him something, he is so impressionable—this toxic masculine male—if you give him a masculine-type card, he thinks, ‘Oh, that’s really nice,’ and he goes out and buys a Sierra Club tote bag and saves the planet. This is the kind of social science that the higher education institutions of America are spending a fortune investigating.”

The research included 2,000 participants across seven different experiments. One experiment required participants to remember an act that they considered to be good for the environment and then were asked to answer whether or not they felt masculine or feminine after performing that act.

Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced earlier this year that there were only 12 years left to solve the global warming crisis, and many women are so afraid of climate change that they are deciding not to have kids to bring them into a world that is ending.

The issue is reaching into the 2020 presidential primary as well. Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris announced that increased wildfires and hurricanes are proof that climate change is here.

“Let’s speak truth — climate change is real and it is happening now,” Harris said at her first presidential rally in Oakland, California, in January. “Everybody here knows from wildfires in the west to hurricanes in the east to floods and droughts in the heartland, but we’re not going to buy the lie, we’re going to act based on science fact, not science fiction.”