NCAA Claims It Didn’t Ban Kyle Guy’s Wedding Registry

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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NCAA President Mark Emmert claims the NCAA hasn’t done anything to stop Virginia guard Kyle Guy from having a wedding registry.

Guy, who is one of the best players on the Virginia squad, recently told the media that he had to take down his registry because it violated NCAA rules, which of course seems absolutely absurd. (RELATED: The March Madness Bracket Has Been Released)

However, Emmert is now claiming that’s not the case at all. He stated the following in part when explaining the situation, according to ESPN late Thursday:

What we know right now is that nobody in the NCAA said anything of the sort. We don’t know what the source of that information was, whether it came from the institution or not. It’s certainly not the case that that’s a violation of NCAA rules. We allow people to have all the usual and accustomed gifts among families and friends at all holidays and weddings of the sort. There’s not a prohibition against that.

This is such a a dumb situation. Why would anybody tell Guy he couldn’t have a wedding registry? At this point there are only two options, and neither one seems likely, which only makes the situation that much more perplexing.


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The first option is that Emmert is lying, but that’d be super easy to check. Thus, I highly doubt he’d openly lie about such a verifiable claim.

Secondly, and equally as unlikely, is that somebody at Virginia misunderstood what the NCAA told them. Given the fact that the Cavaliers are an ACC program with a massive compliance department, I also find that not likely.


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So, there’s no clear indication of what happened at all, but Guy should immediately start up his wedding registry the moment the final game on Monday ends. In the mean time, focus on beating Auburn Saturday night in the Final Four.

All the way around, what an absurd situation.

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