Eric Swalwell’s New Campaign Slogan Ruthlessly Mocked On Twitter

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Less than an hour after tweeting his presidential bid announcement Monday evening, Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell used another tweet to share with America what appeared to be his new campaign slogan.

“Are you ready America?” Swalwell tweeted. “Let’s go big, be bold, and do good!”

Several were quick to poke fun at the California congressman’s campaign slogan:

“Finally, we got what the people wanted: ‘Beto with less charm,'” wrote Nick Pappas.

Pappas’ tweet had at least one fan:

Democratic strategist Donna Brazile poked fun at Swalwell’s inclusion in what is already a crowded field. (RELATED: Dana Loesch Question On Gun Control Stops Eric Swalwell In His Tracks)

“Welcome candidate #101,” Brazile tweeted.

Townhall editor Katie Pavlich had another slogan in mind:

The social media ridicule didn’t just stop at the slogan. Others mocked Swalwell’s candidacy:

To be fair, not everyone hated Swalwell’s new slogan:

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