Watch Videos Of Texas Tech Fans Rioting After Beating Michigan State

(Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Texas Tech fans rioted into Sunday morning after defeating Michigan State in the Final Four late Saturday night.

The Red Raiders pulled off an impressive win over the Spartans to secure a spot in the title game, and the fans immediately cut loose. (RELATED: The March Madness Bracket Has Been Released)

They started stuff on fire, flipped a car and celebrated making the championship like I think most young men would.

Check out some of the videos and photos below.

I’ve been present for a few sports riots during my time on this planet. You just have to. If a riot is starting after a big win, then you better suit up for action.

When the Badgers beat Kentucky in the Final Four back in 2015, the party didn’t end for seemingly the next 24 hours. It was incredible, and the police were shockingly relaxed. As long as people aren’t getting hurt, the police should just take a step back.

It’s the Final Four that we’re talking about! If you have the chance to riot and don’t, I very much question what type of man you are.


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Good luck to anybody who might have been arrested Saturday night or Sunday morning. If the judge is a freedom-loving American, the charges will simply disappear.

Tune in tonight on CBS at 9:20 EST to watch Virginia and Texas Tech play for all the marbles. It should be a great one.