A New Podcast Takes A Deep Dive Into What The Media Isn’t Telling You

Unfit to Print

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It seems like there are a lot of podcasts out there that claim to deliver a fresh take on current events or the state of politics, but the truth is most of these podcasts are just regurgitating the same biased liberal media and fake news that our country has become accustomed to!

Welcome to “Unfit to Print”, a new podcast that takes a deep dive into what the media isn’t telling you, with special focuses on the lies, coverups, and scandals that no media outlet would deem fit to print. Luckily the Daily Caller isn’t just any old media outlet.

Featuring the Daily Caller’s very own White House Correspondent Amber Athey, this podcast promises to take on the media’s delusion and conspiracy-riddled stories like the New York Times publishing a piece on Mueller with little to no actual details, or this story about a CNN reporter openly encouraging the FBI to censor the political speech of American citizens.

New episodes of “Unfit to Print” will be posted weekly and are exclusive to Daily Caller Patriots.

Each week, Athey analyzes the country’s biggest media stories with a hefty amount of snark and laughter without the annoying sponsorship shoutouts that podcast listeners have had to suffer through, and the only way to get in on the fun is by utilizing your Daily Caller Patriots membership!

If you aren’t already a member, you can subscribe here, gaining access to exclusive content, and gaining the ability to browse our entire site Ad-free.

Options include a $9.99 monthly membership or if you’d like to save some money, for a limited time you can sign up for a $99 annual subscription.

So what are you waiting for? If you are already a Daily Caller Patriot, gain access to “Unfit to Print” now and watch the first episode of this weekly series here.

And if you aren’t, sign up now before you miss out!