Liven Up Your Ice Game With These Star Wars Millennium Falcon Ice Molds For $9.99

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Can’t get enough Star Wars? Add some fun to your drinking with these Millennium Falcon Ice Molds. These ice trays are 33% off in the Daily Caller shop today.

"That's no moon...that's an ice cube."

“That’s no moon…that’s an ice cube.”

Millennium Falcon Ice Molds are 33 percent off for a limited time 

These detailed ice molds capture every detail of an authentic Millenium Falcon. Just like the real Millennium Falcon, these orange ice molds might look unassuming, but the ice cubes they create will make your drinks stand out. The silicone material makes the ice easy to take out with no chance of breaking.

Break out the Millennium Falcon Ice Molds at a party to impress your friends or just liven up a night of watching the Star Wars franchise. At only $9.99, they also make a great gift to the Star Wars fanatic in your life.

Join the Star Wars Universe with the Millennium Falcon Ice Molds. The ice tray is on sale for 33% off at $9.99 in the Daily Caller shop today.

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