So. Much. Stupid.


Derek Hunter Contributor

Today’s show covers the stupidity of the last 24 hours.

We discuss the latest immigration court ruling, Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell entering the 2020 presidential race, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg obsessing over Vice President Mike Pence, former Vice President Joe Biden giving a sexual assault PSA, Vermont Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders wanting felons to vote in prison and Burger King’s apology for being culturally insensitive.

Listen to the show:

A federal judge has blocked President Donald Trump’s administration from their latest attempt to alleviate the crush of illegal aliens at the border, ruling that having asylum seekers wait in Mexico for their court date violates their rights. It’s to the point that people who enter the country illegally are being treated better than Americans. We discuss it.

Swalwell is the latest Democrat to announce his candidacy for president. And he has perhaps the dumbest campaign slogan yet: “Go Big. Be Bold. Do Good.” He may well be the dimmest bulb on the flickering tree of Democratic candidates (so far).

Buttigieg, another Democratic candidate, has an obsession: the vice president. Mayor Pete keeps mentioning Pence’s Christian faith in an attempt to differentiate himself from a field already completely focused on attacking the president. But Pence has only ever said nice things about Buttigieg, which makes the mayor’s attempts a starting a public fight all the more pathetic.

And Biden, in the middle of a controversy about his “handsy” nature with women, is keeping the story alive for some reason. The former vice president recorded a public service announcement with Lady Gaga about unwanted touching and hitting women, saying it is never okay unless it’s in self-defense. It’s every bit as awkward as it sounds and makes no sense from a strategic standpoint for him to keep the story going.

Unions are losing a ton of money from people who didn’t want to join them but were forced to pay “fees” because they worked in a union shop, thanks to the Janus decision last year. The numbers are shocking.

Sanders wants felons to be able to vote from prison because he doesn’t think people should lose their right to vote just because they’ve committed a felony. Unsurprisingly, he does not feel the same way about felons’ Second Amendment rights; he just wants to find ways to replace voters who don’t support Democrats.

Lastly, Burger King is apologizing for “cultural appropriation” in New Zealand after a few random Twitter users were upset they ran an online video for their new Vietnamese-flavored burger with people jokingly trying to eat it with big chopsticks. Yes, it’s really that stupid, and there was so much of it yesterday.

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