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Afternoon Mirror: Whoopi Talks About Passing Gas

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“There’s so much that people find offensive. I used to feel like I could pass gas anywhere. …I feel like if I talk, someone’s gonna take me to HR. Particularly if it’s not the best gas.” 

Whoopi Goldberg, co-host, ABC’s “The View,” who has a penchant for talking about “poop.” She made this point on Tuesday’s show.

Mood: “Eating out is a luxury u entitled scum. Maybe don’t eat out if u can’t afford to tip like a normal person.” — Pardes Seleh, writer, Mediaite, former scriptwriter, FNC.

A ShareBlue reporter is very angry: ‘Fuck the MSM’ 

Also: WhatchutalkinboutWillis? 

“Fuck all of these people forever and fuck the msm for continually foisting them upon our public discourse. …I’m just tired of it. Fucking tired of it. tired of all the bigotry. Fuck ’em. It’s not a point of view. It’s not a legitimate argument. Fuck ’em.” — Oliver Willis, senior reporter, ShareBlue.

He’s angry about The Resurgent EIC Erick Erickson‘s views on South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg‘s comments about being gay and Veep Mike Pence being out of touch with God’s plan. Buttigieg said Sunday at a brunch in Washington with gay activists, “If you got a problem with who I am, you’re problem is not with me — your quarrel, sir, is with my creator.”


“I have my consult with the endometriosis specialist in the morning. I’m really nervous and having a ton of anxiety over it. Prayers would be greatly appreciated.” — Beth Baumann, associate editor, Townhall.

Journo nearly crashes into Dan Rather at 30 Rock

“SCENE: Hallway of 30 Rock. A tired woman walks back to her desk after grabbing a seltzer from the vending machine… and nearly crashes straight into Dan Rather.


Steph Haberman, digital strategy, MSNBC and NBC News.

Scaramucci has thoughts on Trump’s hiring practices 

He worked at the White House for 11 days. 

“Why don’t you hire somebody that really likes you, can tolerate some of the eccentricities to your personality and some of the egocentrism, but also be your friend and tell you the truth….?” — Ex-White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci to Chris Cuomo on CNN. (RELATED: Scaramucci—Trump Lies ‘Because It’s Fun’)

The Observer: No puppy showers for this guy 

“If you invite me to your ‘puppy shower’ i am absolutely making fun of you behind your back for the rest of your natural life.” — Hayes Brown, BuzzFeed.

On tipping… 

“I put myself through college and paid my rent while doing an unpaid internship in journalism by waiting tables. It’s unconscionable to shortchange your server.” — Lydia Polgreen, editor-in-chief, HuffPost.

She was reacting to Twitter’s Cruise Director Yashar Ali of HuffPost and New York Mag, who wrote:

“Tip at least 20% regardless. Working in the service industry is hard work and people deal with all sorts of stuff throughout the day including sexual harassment. You never know what someone is dealing with. Also, some restaurants pool tips and wait staff have to tip out to others.”

The original stir was created by a CNBC reporter who wrote about how a person can save $400 a year by not tipping so much. Here.

CNN’s Brian Stelter baits FNC’s Sean Hannity

Aren’t jelly donuts comfort food?

Greta Van Susteren sticks up for her career

“I have one of the biggest journalism footprints – all over the world (VOA) and now USA (Gray).” — Greta Van Susteren, currently with GrayTV, formerly MSNBC, FNC and CNN. She was responding to a follower who wrote, “Greta you should have gone somewhere with a bigger bully pulpit.”

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes deploys sarcasm

“Tear gassing desperate mothers and children is definitely the kind of thing that makes my Homeland feel very Secure.” — Chris Hayes, host, MSNBC.

Rep. Swalwell gets judged on weak social media following 

“Eric Swalwell has 32,000 Facebook followers. Looks like there’s some huge interest in his campaign. hahahahahaha! #Loser2020.” — Mark Dice, a media analyst with a YouTube channel, famous creator of high-pitched Brian Stelter videos. (RELATED: Swalwell’s Campaign Slogan Ruthlessly Mocked On Twitter)

Gossip Roundup

Hilaria Baldwin‘s pregnancy saga continues… She recently wrote a post on Instagram saying she thought she was having a miscarriage. She has four other children with Alec BaldwinHere.

John John… two decades after his death, people are talking about his thoughts on a bipartisan media. The piece includes a funny anecdote…the writer recalls JFK Jr. calling her and she thought it was a prank. “OK, who’s the asshole?” she asked. Here.

Marla Maples to appear in new HBO series. Here.

A NW D.C. senior living facility… faces a $1 million lawsuit over delays in not reporting sexual abuse involving a construction worker a woman with dementia. Here.

Here’s a video… to explain liberal terms like “woke” and “micro aggression” and “mansplaining.”

School shooter… spends time writing love letters as he awaits his fate. Here.