Hot Deal: Get $100 Off This Deep Fryer For A Limited Time Only

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Looking for a way to quickly make any fried food you can think of? Look no further than the Philips Viva Turbo Star Deep Fryer. Heating up in just seconds, you don’t have to worry about any preheating or preparation. Not only is it fast, but it’s also sleek. Meant to fit on your countertop, this fryer is 20% smaller than the previous model but still fits the same capacity. Never worry about a dirty deep fryer again, the inside of the Philips Viva Turbo Star Deep has a nonstick food basket and is dishwasher safe.

(Photo via Amazon)

(Photo via Amazon)

This Viva Turbo Star Deep Fryer is on sale for 40 percent off its normal retail price with Prime Free Shipping 

Philips has a history of producing great deep fryers. The Philips Airfryer is the top-selling consumer deep fryer in the world. They continued their streak with the Viva Turbo Star Deep Fryer, using a new technology that swirls hot air throughout the cooking process to ensure an even heat distribution. This causes the food to actually be healthier than traditional deep-fried food because the circulating airflow helps to remove excess fat. Get your next kitchen accessory for a steal, on sale for $149.99 for a limited time. 

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