‘Oh Baby, No’ — Twitterverse Roundly Mocks Cringeworthy Adam Schiff Selfie

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A Thursday tweet from Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff was roundly mocked on the social media network, proving that even a partisan figure can, on occasion, inspire a strong non-partisan response.

To recap, model Chrissy Teigen and singer John Legend were in town for the House Democratic Issues Conference.

CBS News producer Rebecca Kaplan caught the California congressman taking a selfie with the stars in the background.

Here’s a screengrab of Schiff’s actual tweet:

Adam Schiff tweet (Twitter screengrab)

“[F]elt cute, might delete later,” Schiff wrote. Given the reactions below, it’s hard to imagine him not having regrets. It was also hard finding a reaction that wasn’t complete mockery. Here are a few samples:

“Oh baby, no,” wrote journalist Soledad O’Brien, who implored Schiff to move the camera “back a foot.”

Of all the reactions, The Washington Examiner’s Byron York stole the show: “If there were a parody account called Adam Schiff’s Cow, it might publish something like this,” York wrote.

Finally, conservative writer Stephen Miller photoshopped the Schiff headshot into several historical moments. You know, for perspective. (RELATED: Trump Campaign Ignites Twitter Firestorm With ‘Pencil-Neck Adam Schiff’ T-Shirt)

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