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Graydon Carter: ‘I’ve Had Enough Trump In My Head For A Lifetime’

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Graydon Carter has lived the easy, charmed life of a journalist for much of his life.

In a new guest column for The HollywoodGraydon Carter: ‘I’ve Had Enough Trump In My Head For A Lifetime’ Reporter, the former 25-year editor of Vanity Fair with a perpetual tan and poofy silver mane with the familiar side flip, reminisces about the good old days of the industry. “And expense accounts!” he exclaims of life as a reporter at Time in the late 70s. And this: “For my first five years in New York, I never even turned on my stove. TIME paid for everything.”

At 69, his retirement project sounds rather cool. It’s a newsletter called Air Mail and it launches in July. It promises to have an international flair with “smart stylish writing” from the world’s best journalists. The New York Times called it “a news platform for the young, urbane, and worldly.” The idea burst forth into his brain while he was relaxing in Provence. He settled into a house in the hills with his wife and daughter two days after he left Vanity Fair in 2017. It all sounds so pretentious — rich guy finds a way to stay in journalism while running an operation from his laptop in the south of France.

Who wouldn’t be jealous?

Carter explained he received a couple offers to remain on the hamster wheel and run TIME. Though he once worked there, he now acts like its useless phlegm or dirt beneath his feet. And who can blame him, really. It’s his time to slow down while still being engaged. Who needs the stress?

“I had no interest in either offer,” he wrote. “I don’t even subscribe to the magazine anymore.”

Still, ouch.

Carter makes no bones about his disdain for President Trump.

While chilling in Provence he realized he’s had his fill of the nation’s commander-in-chief as well as the merciless 24-hour news cycle.

“I’ve had enough Donald Trump in my head for a lifetime,” he wrote. “But I realized that I did want to stay in the journalism game, the game I had spent my life in.”

Enter stage left: Air Mail.

If you subscribe, it’ll arrive in your inbox every Saturday morning.

If you don’t, Carter will still be enjoying himself wherever he pleases.