Greek Basketball Stadium Looks Like A War Zone In The Stands

Greece Basketball (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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A basketball stadium in Greece looks like the wildest atmosphere in all of sports.

A video of a stadium in the country has been gaining traction because it looks like a war zone. According to Barstool Sports, it belongs to the club Aris. (SLIDESHOW: These Are The Hottest Women On Instagram)

Watch the video below. I don’t want to waste words before you get to see the raw footage. You’ll understand why once you see this basketball energy. (RELATED: Virginia Wins The National Title After Beating Texas Tech)

Holy hell, what type of atmosphere is that? Are they playing basketball in Greece or preparing to invade a continent?

Judging from the video, the latter option is the only option on the table. Those fans are juiced. Were those fireworks? Was that a legit fire spreading?

Honestly, it’s almost a bit scary.

Imagine stepping to the free-throw line and seeing that crowd in front of you. I think most players would just walk straight to the locker room.

On the other hand, I’ve heard some insane stories out of European basketball leagues. One of my buddies playing in a massive brawl over there after a game.

Maybe those places aren’t too many steps removed from a war zone after all.