NHL Refuses To Comment On Old Tweets From Jordan Binnington

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The NHL had a great response when old tweets from St. Louis Blues goalie Jordan Binnington surfaced.

Several years ago, Binnington tweeted that he’d prefer listening to the radio than hearing cab drivers talk on the phone in a different language, how bouncers wouldn’t stop underage people in burkas from entering a bar and he wondered how airport security checks women under burkas to make sure they match the passport.


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It was all pretty vanilla stuff, but we all know how people react to old tweets surfacing these days. People lose their minds and the outrage machine gets all spun up. It’s absurd. However, the NHL didn’t give in at all. (RELATED: Kevin Hart Steps Down As Oscars Host After Old Tweets Surface)

Deputy commissioner Bill Daly released the following statement on the situation Wednesday, according to TSN:

Obviously, we don’t condone public comments that could be perceived as insensitive. But based on what we’ve been made aware of to this point, we don’t believe there is any basis to specifically address or even comment on 5-year old social media posts from a Player who wasn’t even part of the National Hockey League at the time.

Good for the NHL. Good for the league for not giving into this insane trend of giving into the outrage mob.

Are the tweets ideal? Probably not, but they’re not even close to being bad. Binnington has nothing to apologize for and the NHL shouldn’t pretend like he does.

He was a young man with access to social media several years ago. We all say and do dumb stuff when we’re young. It doesn’t mean we have to repent years later. Not even a little bit, especially when it’s vanilla stuff like these takes from Binnington.


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Hopefully, more people follow the example of the NHL and refuse to bend a damn inch to any outrage mob. Don’t give one inch!

Once you give an inch, it will never end. At some point, a line in the sand must be drawn, and it looks like the NHL can be a lead example of how to do that.

If somebody ever complains about tweets from half a decade ago, just remind them that it’s 2019 and we should all have better things to do.