Eric Trump Explains Why Democrats Will Lose In 2020

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President Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump appeared on “Fox & Friends” Friday and said the Russia collusion narrative will end up costing Democrats the White House in 2020.

He praised Attorney General Bill Barr for his handling of the Mueller report and said his father’s claims about the deep state have finally been confirmed.

“The nice thing about Barr is you finally have a grownup in the room. I mean, you finally have a grownup in the room who calls out this nonsense because, you know, my father always went around during the campaign, he talked about the deep state,” Trump said.

“The deep state, guys, does exist — and by the way still exists, but it does exist and did exist. You see all these emails between FBI people about insurance policies and other things. You see dossiers that were paid for by political candidates that were leaked through people’s wives. It’s really incredible.”


Trump also said the media will face heavy backlash for sticking to the Russia narrative and predicted Democrats will suffer at the ballot box in 2020. (RELATED: Real Clear Politics Analyst Breaks Down Who Has The Best Chance To Face Trump In 2020)

“It was interesting the day after the Barr report came out, you go on all the channels, you’re watching CNN, not that I watch CNN or MSNBC. ‘Well, we don’t care about Russia. We want to talk about health care.’ I go, ‘How disingenuous is this?'” he said.

“You’ve been talking about Russia for the last three years, all day, every day. Then all of sudden it comes out that the whole thing is a hoax, which is what my father, and myself, and Lara, and Don, and Ivanka, and everybody else had been saying. And all of the sudden they want to talk about health care. And guys, this is why they’re going to lose. This is why they’re going to lose in 2020.”

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