Rep. Adam Schiff Claims Attorney General Is Doing Trump’s ‘Bidding’ By Accusing FBI Of ‘Spying’

David Krayden | Ottawa Bureau Chief

California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff on Thursday characterized Attorney General William Barr as a puppet who is “doing the bidding of the President of the United States.”

Barr’s announcement this week that he suspects the FBI is guilty of “spying” on the Trump campaign indicates that he’s in the president’s favor, Schiff told ABC News.

“It is stunning to hear the top law enforcement office in the country talk so cavalierly about spying on a political campaign. This must be very pleasing to Donald Trump, who wants to create a narrative that he’s the victim of some deep-state coup. The attorney general has a higher responsibility than simply doing the bidding of the president,” Schiff told the network.

U.S. Attorney General William Barr testifies before a Senate Appropriations Subcommittee hearing on the proposed budget estimates for the Department of Justice in Washington, U.S., April 10, 2019. REUTERS/Erin Scott

U.S. Attorney General William Barr testifies before a Senate Appropriations Subcommittee … REUTERS/Erin Scott

The congressman, who still believes in the Russian collusion conspiracy theory despite the Mueller report disavowing that conclusion, said Barr “ought to be looking out for the public interest” and his spying comments are doing a “disservice” to the FBI. (RELATED: Blumenthal Demands AG Barr Recant His Belief That FBI Spied On Trump)

”I’m sure this is exactly what the president wanted him to say. … That is music to Donald Trump’s ears.” (RELATED: Rudy Giuliani Demands Democrats Apologize For Advanced Collusion Story: ‘Shame On Them!’)

Schiff recently endorsed an electronic fundraising letter collecting money for the “One-Term President Fund” that is designed to “kick Trump and his cronies out of office.”

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