Conservative Speaker Speaks Out After Liberal Attack: ‘A Disgrace To Higher Education’

Phillip Stucky Contributor
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Daily Wire reporter Michael Knowles spoke out after being attacked by liberal protesters during a campus event at the University of Missouri-Kansas City during a Friday episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Knowles was slated to speak on campus in a lecture titled, “Men Are Not Women.”

“The lecture itself is arguing for the diversity of thought on campuses. Chancellor Agarwal is a disgrace to higher education. I woke up this morning expecting an apology for being assaulted during a lecture I was invited to give at the University of Missouri. Instead, I was smeared basically as a bigot, they referred to my claim that men are not women as an extreme viewpoint and they tacitly are permitting political violence to fester on campus,” Knowles argued before Carlson. (RELATED: Trump Looks To Force Campuses To Protect Free Speech)

A female protester with a black mask threw an unknown substance at the speaker. Officers on the scene for security purposes quickly tackled the protester to the ground and arrested her. She was later identified as a UMKC student.

Knowles argued that the protesters had a message not only for him that evening, but for any conservative speaker who may decide they wanted to speak at a college campus.

“What matters is the message they were sending. This is a warning shot to conservatives on colleges around the country that if you do not shut up, if you do not count out to leftist orthodoxy, you will be bullied, you will be shouted down, you will be physically intimidated, and maybe, next time, that substance will be a little more dangerous. A little more toxic. It is fascism as clear as fascism can be and the university abandons every one of its conservative students and encouraged the agitators and encourage the violence,” he concluded.