Donald Trump Jr. Blasts ‘Stupid Logic’ After MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Accuses President Trump Of ‘Endangering’ Omar’s Life

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Donald Trump Jr. criticized the “stupid logic” employed by Chris Hayes after the MSNBC host accused President Donald Trump of “endangering the life of a member of Congress.”

The president on Friday tweeted a video showing Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar discussing the 9/11 attacks along with the caption, “WE WILL NEVER FORGET!” The video juxtaposed Omar’s now infamous “some people did something” statement from her March Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) reception speech with footage of the terrorist attack.

Hayes accused Trump via Twitter of “actively and willfully endangering the life of a member of Congress.”

Donald Trump Jr. fired back Saturday morning by sarcastically noting that the president was simply quoting Omar’s own words. He then lit into the media’s “insane leftist commentary and lies” which, by Hayes’ logic, would “actively and willfully” endanger President Trump’s life. (RELATED: The Slow Suicide Of The Liberal Media Continues)

“Yea, he should really stop quoting her directly,” Trump Jr. tweeted. “By your stupid logic does all of your network’s insane leftist commentary and lies over the last 2 years ‘actively and willfully’ endanger the life of the President? Asking for people who actually like America and Americans.”

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