Liberals Are Not Victims, They’re The Perps

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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On today’s show we get into how the left loves to claim victim status at the drop of a hat, yet when you look at what they’re really saying and doing, they aren’t the victims, they’re the perps.

Listen to the show:

Democrats are rallying around congresswoman Ilhan Omar after she dismissively described the terror attacks on 9/11 as “some people did something.” Rather than just admit her obvious poor word choice, Omar and Democrats have claimed victim status, denouncing all criticism of her callousness as either racist, Islamophobic, or both. Now they’re upset that President Donald Trump has joined in on the criticism, causing the left to double-down on the martyrdom claims. It’s insane, and we get into all of it.

Democrats are still upset over the possibility that illegal aliens might be released, as is required by law, into sanctuary cities. After swearing for years that illegals are a boon to the economy and commit far fewer crimes than Americans (neither of which is true), now the left is acting as if this plan is a “threat” and would be dangerous to their constituencies. Presidential candidate and Sen. Cory Booker is the latest to obliviously make these claims. We have the audio and dissect it accordingly.

Millionaire socialist and Sen. Bernie Sanders is very uncomfortable with people realizing he’s a very wealthy man. He’s gotten more defensive about his wealth in anticipation of the release of his tax returns, which he promised this week. Curiously, Sanders used to rhetorically attack “millionaires and billionaires,” but after his bestselling book was released and he became a millionaire, he curiously dropped “millionaires” from his speeches. A left-wing activist group compiled examples of his speeches and we have the audio.

Leftists in California are upset that the local police have added the American flag to the decals on their patrol cars. Yes, the left has gotten this crazy.

Democrats are supporting federal legislation that would require public schools to allow boys who “identify” as girls compete in female high school sports. The party of science is trying to actively legislate against science.

And a man is suing his parents because they destroyed his porn collection. The sheer volume of porn this man had may have been one of the reasons his marriage fell apart and he was forced to move back in with his parents in the first place. We have the details about all of it and give it the mocking it deserves.

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